Sunday, July 31, 2011

cowboys and critters

Full view, s'il vous plait :)
this is about 11x17. biggest thing I've done in awhile. Acrylic and micron pen here and there. I'm getting goofier and cartoonier as time goes on, and i think I like it.

and I really don't know why i drew this. It's me chasing a cat that's stolen my choco chip cookie dough. Durn varmints.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nearly 1 am, but here's a post

this was for my mum's bday. she loves colin firth, and she loves cats. so i made the derpiest cat ever and stuck it in a rather grumpy mister darcy's arms.
acrylic scribbling. my reference was a ginger. not that that's important. but,.... yeah.
another zombie pin up nazi. may be a few more yet before we settle on a design/idea.

Hope all's well! I hope to keep arting, I'm slooowly catching up with a mountain of comissions... and i keep adding more.

Spent the weekend around old cars and great friends, and am realllly considering learning pinstriping. I'll be painting a pinup girl on my boyfriend's motorcycle soon, and depending how that goes, I might just jump into this auto painting biz.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

honda 350s and horse teeth

so a couple months back, my friend Jocelyn and I went for a sunset ride out at Liberty Stables. Deb had a surprise for us- she had her friend Lily, a large animal vet, in to remove a rotting tooth. The horse in question, Paris, is 26 years old and probably won't be around much longer. It was surprisingly emotional, rather gory, and a lot of muscle. We hammered away at that tooth with a drill, the whole while with Paris in a crazy sort of mouth brace and heavily sedated.

Deb asked me to paint a scene from it, so I picked a less gory bit where she was merely smacking away at the tooth with a metal rod.

acrylic, about an hour and a half.

Two days ago I was driving back downtown when I saw the LANKIEST guy in the world riding this little Honda 350. He just simply did not fit. He had his helmet strapped over a baseball cap, little wireframe glasses, big fuck off work boots, and his little ratty ponytail and plaid overshirt blowin' in the breeze. When I got up close enough to see him I just about drove off the road laughing.
So when I made it to my studio, I just had to have a little doodle over it.
Oh, and there's a sneak peek of what I painted for my mum's bday behind it there... I'll post that once she actually gets it.

acrylic, twenty minutes.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A couple portraits

Allo all!

Heed my advice: when it is 94 degrees outside, do not I repeat DO NOT go to your un airconditioned notoriously hot studio space.

You will get heat stroke and sport a lovely headache the rest of the evening.
Here's a McCurry portrait of a boy from India and a 21st century Rocker girl from Britain.
Acrylic, about an hour each, give or take a few minutes. Please full view!

Ten minute warmup of a tribal boy, also from Steve McCurry's book Portraits.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

demon seahorse? yep.

Allo! Been a while. Been super busy. Just doodle painted this tonight for an hour. Acrylic. My mind is a strange place.

I've been animating. Er, I should say falling in love. GOD I wish I'd majored in it or something. Yeahhh I'm just doing flash right now, but I love it.

Today marks day 3 of the second week of me ever animating. Here's some stuff I did last week and then yesterday...

'Ave a look at my villain!

And here's a "death". a.k.a. game over.

Not bad for barely a week at it and barely a month at flash!!

Today I animated icicles melting/dripping, and tomorrow I'm wrapping that up and working on fire.

Man, I am nerding out about these things, but I realllly enjoy my job. :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


uh, wannabe retro couple in this awesome book i found. It's just loads of pictures of modern day greasers in Britain and their sexy bikes.

bass player from aforementioned book.

seven self portraits, doodle in sharpie at top speed. I own all those clothes. except the shirt the shooting herself jo is wearing.
from that book again... a rather quickly scribbled guy and his inaccurately scribbled Triton. oh and some more sharpie doodling.
more doodling really.

Finished my first walk cycle today. It was so much easier than it was when I tried a few weeks back. I'm slowly learning this language they call Flash. A friend of one of my coworkers came in today, and he animates on the f**king amazing shows Superjail and Metalocalypse. Talk about inspiring!

Hoping to get into the studio more and get more commissions done. Things have been mighty crazy around here lately!