Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fred McDowell

The other day my boyfriend bought a vinyl recording of '"Mississippi'"Fred McDowell. He's a country-blues genius originally from Tennessee who built his own guitar and embodies all that is grunge and black n blues. One afternoon we sat there just listening to this record, hearing his chair creakin' and foot hittin' the old no doubt weathered porch as he kept time. His wife occasionally accompanied. Well, let's just say it's good stuff.

So we had a little show at my studio space in the Hungerford last night, and the night before I was still at a loss of what to paint for it. Carter suggests Fred McDowell and so in about 3 hours, this happened.

Acrylic on cold press ill board. about 8x10.

I haven't painted traditionally in over a month or so. My photo reference was blacka nd white. In fact, I have never found a color photo of the man. So I just kinda guessed what his skin tone was. The first thirty minutes were just me slapping horrible chalky colours around, kinda quagmired in skin tones. Then suddenly it just happened.

God, that's a great feeling. I think I may have pushed the highlights too far in the end. Well, you live, you learn.

Thanks for stoppin' by!