Monday, July 1, 2013

Ah, le happy fambly

Years ago we had a cat named bubba. We didn't name him that, his previous owners did. Bubs was a handful when it came to other cats... As in, territorial "hey i'm just gonna piss on everything that should be mine... i.e. the whole house. peace.". We didn't know what was wrong, and after a couple very epic episodes, we thought kidney failure and almost had the poor devil put down.
So my sister took him. She has two other cats. They mostly got along, the constant pissing stopped, but the fighting was taking a toll on all 3.
Fast forward to a couple weeks back, Carter and I just got our first place that is just ours, and it's a second story. No other cats, no outside cats, so, we got a Bubs.

He's a great cat on his own, and here's a family portrait. We believe he's been abducted by aliens a few times. Explains the crop circle markings on his sides and utter derpiness. Bryzgalov cat.