Thursday, April 28, 2011


Another quick acrylic doodle. An hour total maybe.

Black Keys. Probs my fav band. And fellow Ohioans.

Pizza Hutz

oh, my demented brain.
acrylic doodle.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Golf Wang

OFWGKTA. aka odd future. check 'em out. (free earl)

acrylic n photoshop.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Naked Skydivers and Shows

This is the second spread of a piece I worked on for my Editorial Illustration class. We team up with a graphic designer and together create magazine worthy spreads n such. My first partner and I did some cool stuff too.. i should post those.
Anyways, I worked with Beth Flannery on this one, an article about Roberta Mancino, an Italian skydiver/model/black belt/ballerina who likes to skydive nude n such.
this was in the first spread. I did the background/figure separate for ease of positioning but learned pretty quick it looks WAY better if you just paint the whole thing all as one.
Again, acrylic.

This is the final second spread. I love how Beth activated the text with the hair and all. Good stuff!

I liked that project because I broke free of my burnt sienna cage. I discovered that skin tones really only need cadmium red light, yellow ochre and titanium white. Studied some Vargas and Elvgren to figure that out.

In other news... Our senior illustration show, to be held at the Geisel Gallery in the Bausch n Lomb building downtown, was censored. If there was a weapon, near nudity, or other "objectionable material", they took work out. I checked out the show and some of the pieces were mislabeled, too.

I got pissed and with the help of some amazing friends, pulled together our OWN damn show. We have the closing with family n friends at the current show on April 29th. But we're having an uncensored show in the Hungerford building downtown on May 6th, First Friday (there's a ton of other shows going on there that night- be sure to stop by). Some RIT Illustration alums were amazing enough to let us use their studio space, and they're showing work with us too.
We may have two spaces in the building that night, still trying to figure all that out.

I'm hella excited, and I hope you all come by for some art, wine, and people.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back in Business/nyc wrapup

did this on the train coming home. once it's published, i'll say what it's for. Digital. Used my hands for reference, made up everything else. about four hours straight. And I had fun. I'm pretty happy with this, honestly!!! Full view please!

in NYC. That's Kayla Tucker. We were sitting and drawing in central park on a big rock.
Random people I saw around. One is the curator of Illustration house, there's Soho people, Bryant park people, and other places.
sketch night at Society of Illustrators stuff
This beauty is my coyote skull I bought at Evolution on Spring Street down in SoHo. Oh MAN I love that place. Expect more coyote skulls with my horse skulls. THey had a gorgeous horse skull.. but I don't have 495 bucks to blow.
oh some random doodle i did some time ago..

Anyways, NYC wrap up... I don't really wanna live there UNLESS it's the Lower East Side. Or Noho. or Soho. but you need moneyss. I hear good things about Bushwick, too. Anyone wants to move there with me, I am game. It is THE up and coming art center!!! (but shoot for fixed rent!)

But oh GOD. Galleries, cool bakeries, amazing record stores, and the BEST dumplings ever (thanks megan and maruska!!!) ... Pretty good times.

Learned a lot, felt like i was gonna make it, felt like i'd never make it, was pumped up, humbled, and generally exhausted.

but I did have one thing absolutely hammered down for me.

I want to be an illustrator.

I realize it's going to be tough nigh impossible, but dammit. I love this. I want this. I know this.
Tough to explain, but I just know it.

gnight, off to doodle and pass the heck out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm in NYC!

SO I was on a 7 hour train to NYC and these guys started... I will finish rendering the horses, and maybe add some colour and repost. :)

Sketch took about 20 minutes, linework another 20... Rendering, hour or so. Just a fun shaky trainride idea. :)
Hi. That girl is me. That's my friend kayla in my book. I drew her when we were between stuffs and wandering central park... When I get a scanner in my paws again I'll scan and post more nyc stuff. Basically if we sit down for longer than 2 seconds somewhere, we all whip out sketchbooks and start drawing each other.

The illustrators of RIT are running about new york. Today we met fine artist Leslie Wayne. The photos of her work don't do it justice... it's actually very dimensional and completely beautiful. And the visit was great. Later this week we will meet Brad Holland!!! SO EXCITED.

We were eating at the Society of Illustrators (after checking out the R. Crumb show- fantastic!) and !!!!Richard Solomon!!!! walks in with his beautiful young artist assistants. He gave us some great advice and asked us all to participate in a contest, which you can check out on his site.
He said a style is essential. He also said, paint whatever you want, but keep nudes, still life studies, and landscapes out of you portfolio. Make it marketable. And keep trying.

Tomorrow we get to check out more vintage ills and hopefully more galleries.

I like NYC but I gotta say, I vastly prefer Paris. Easier to get around and honestly... cleaner. Sorry ny. but the NYC Subway could take a lesson from the Paris Metro. Still. I like it here. I'd stay awhile.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Full view. charcoal and gouache in moleskine. I'm starting to enjoy this technique i've started messing with.
sat in Java's at RIT today for an hour or so and guerilla drew people.
was in crit and someone talked about a pig barreling through a city. so five minute bored boar doodle.

Monday, April 4, 2011

made a mess

Full view por favor!

Fiddlin with a new technique, if you wanna call it that. Made a charcoal mess. Then drew him in ebony pencil. Then threw some gouache on there. Hm.

It's a start. I wanna see what I can do with this in my free time!

4 x 8, in my moleskine.