Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm in NYC!

SO I was on a 7 hour train to NYC and these guys started... I will finish rendering the horses, and maybe add some colour and repost. :)

Sketch took about 20 minutes, linework another 20... Rendering, hour or so. Just a fun shaky trainride idea. :)
Hi. That girl is me. That's my friend kayla in my book. I drew her when we were between stuffs and wandering central park... When I get a scanner in my paws again I'll scan and post more nyc stuff. Basically if we sit down for longer than 2 seconds somewhere, we all whip out sketchbooks and start drawing each other.

The illustrators of RIT are running about new york. Today we met fine artist Leslie Wayne. The photos of her work don't do it justice... it's actually very dimensional and completely beautiful. And the visit was great. Later this week we will meet Brad Holland!!! SO EXCITED.

We were eating at the Society of Illustrators (after checking out the R. Crumb show- fantastic!) and !!!!Richard Solomon!!!! walks in with his beautiful young artist assistants. He gave us some great advice and asked us all to participate in a contest, which you can check out on his site.
He said a style is essential. He also said, paint whatever you want, but keep nudes, still life studies, and landscapes out of you portfolio. Make it marketable. And keep trying.

Tomorrow we get to check out more vintage ills and hopefully more galleries.

I like NYC but I gotta say, I vastly prefer Paris. Easier to get around and honestly... cleaner. Sorry ny. but the NYC Subway could take a lesson from the Paris Metro. Still. I like it here. I'd stay awhile.

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