Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back in Business/nyc wrapup

did this on the train coming home. once it's published, i'll say what it's for. Digital. Used my hands for reference, made up everything else. about four hours straight. And I had fun. I'm pretty happy with this, honestly!!! Full view please!

in NYC. That's Kayla Tucker. We were sitting and drawing in central park on a big rock.
Random people I saw around. One is the curator of Illustration house, there's Soho people, Bryant park people, and other places.
sketch night at Society of Illustrators stuff
This beauty is my coyote skull I bought at Evolution on Spring Street down in SoHo. Oh MAN I love that place. Expect more coyote skulls with my horse skulls. THey had a gorgeous horse skull.. but I don't have 495 bucks to blow.
oh some random doodle i did some time ago..

Anyways, NYC wrap up... I don't really wanna live there UNLESS it's the Lower East Side. Or Noho. or Soho. but you need moneyss. I hear good things about Bushwick, too. Anyone wants to move there with me, I am game. It is THE up and coming art center!!! (but shoot for fixed rent!)

But oh GOD. Galleries, cool bakeries, amazing record stores, and the BEST dumplings ever (thanks megan and maruska!!!) ... Pretty good times.

Learned a lot, felt like i was gonna make it, felt like i'd never make it, was pumped up, humbled, and generally exhausted.

but I did have one thing absolutely hammered down for me.

I want to be an illustrator.

I realize it's going to be tough nigh impossible, but dammit. I love this. I want this. I know this.
Tough to explain, but I just know it.

gnight, off to doodle and pass the heck out.

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