Friday, April 22, 2011

Naked Skydivers and Shows

This is the second spread of a piece I worked on for my Editorial Illustration class. We team up with a graphic designer and together create magazine worthy spreads n such. My first partner and I did some cool stuff too.. i should post those.
Anyways, I worked with Beth Flannery on this one, an article about Roberta Mancino, an Italian skydiver/model/black belt/ballerina who likes to skydive nude n such.
this was in the first spread. I did the background/figure separate for ease of positioning but learned pretty quick it looks WAY better if you just paint the whole thing all as one.
Again, acrylic.

This is the final second spread. I love how Beth activated the text with the hair and all. Good stuff!

I liked that project because I broke free of my burnt sienna cage. I discovered that skin tones really only need cadmium red light, yellow ochre and titanium white. Studied some Vargas and Elvgren to figure that out.

In other news... Our senior illustration show, to be held at the Geisel Gallery in the Bausch n Lomb building downtown, was censored. If there was a weapon, near nudity, or other "objectionable material", they took work out. I checked out the show and some of the pieces were mislabeled, too.

I got pissed and with the help of some amazing friends, pulled together our OWN damn show. We have the closing with family n friends at the current show on April 29th. But we're having an uncensored show in the Hungerford building downtown on May 6th, First Friday (there's a ton of other shows going on there that night- be sure to stop by). Some RIT Illustration alums were amazing enough to let us use their studio space, and they're showing work with us too.
We may have two spaces in the building that night, still trying to figure all that out.

I'm hella excited, and I hope you all come by for some art, wine, and people.

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