Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Broncosaurus first wash

so just a quick watercolour wash before bed. It's all kind of the same exact tone right now... so I need to do a lot of work on this one. I hope when I get home I can do this right.

Also, moleskine drawing paper does NOT like watercolor. Any tips, anyone?

I went to a garden today and happened to happen upon this small dino, and this happened.
That bugger was painful to sit on. Yes, I'm a retard. But you knew that already. And I'm undeniably waaayyy cuter as a 2-D drawing. haha

Monday, July 26, 2010

Broncosaurus lines

Drew up this idea in a restaurant today... Yeah, me, riding a dinosaur. in the clouds. uh huh.

Whilst in this place (the lumberyard in encinitas- if you're ever in the san diego area, they've got DELISH sweet potato fries. and other foods) I got talking to the waitress about west coast living. She's a Seattle native and moved south to be with her bf and sister.

Well, she sold me on Seattle and Portland. Those are my aims after college (at this moment. changes like the wind). I'll take absolutely anything though. I'll go anywhere. I've got my whole life to live, I'll get where I'm going somehow.

plan to watercolour it or photoshop it... then probably acrylic it when i get home.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sorry this is turning into a photo blog

^this guy got into the flamingo pen and was literally shaking his tail feathers and yelling. I have NEVER seen a peacock actually spread its tail. Great end to the day. then my camera died :(
^obligatory mama and baby shot. they turn pink around a year old.
^flamingo chicks (like the bigger one at right) are all at once the most awkward and adorable creatures on the planet. take a fuzzy jr. high school boy and stick him on stilts. yeah.
^flamingo fight!!! when i hit the button their necks formed a perfect heart but it's blurry because they were biting each other's beaks off.
^spot nosed monkey watching other monkeys knock each other off things
^ the resident baby panda bear at San Diego zoo was being especially photogenic. i want to make greeting cards with this thing.
^hot, tired, adorable polar bear avoids public.

Y'all must think i've gone all wannabe national geographic or something.
Well, my camera just bit the dust so after this you're probably safe for awhile.
I have more pics on facebook, and you guys are more than welcome to use them as reference photos.
I take well over 300 pictures and only post maybe 30-40 so if you don't see it, ask.

california has schizo weather. i freeze, i burn, it drives me nutso. and the driving. OY. worse than Denver. And that's sayin' somethin'!

I'd draw more but the crowds are so rude and pushy you can't stand still for more than 2 seconds.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hey kids! I'm kicking around sunny san diego, avoiding insane comic con goers (and boy... i'm jealous i'm not there, but some of them are nuts!), and otherwise wandering. Today I went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which is part of the famous san diego zoo. (which i also plan to go to).
Cali's alright, I like it, but I guess I don't completely understand the hype.
Then again, I'm not on the beach with a lover and a beer, being rowdy young and lusty. Guess I'll never know. I'm an average looking midwestern boring piece of female. A fun vampire, if you will.
sigh. i wish.

It was insanely hot and i got heat stroke and almost passed out in a lion pen, but it was otherwise awesome.
Got a lot of reference shots, but here's a couple. Oh, and a doodle i did in about ten minutes of nasty turbulence on the flight in. I get SUPER nervous during rough turbulence and I guess super frenetic sketchy doodling is a way to cope.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


a family friend wanted me to draw her grandkids as a bday present to their mother (her daughter). Back when their mother was young she had a pencil portrait done. So the tradition continues. LITTLE KIDS ARE SO TOUGH TO DRAW. burrr. mechanical pencil. honestly looks better in reality. Dunno if i'm getting paid or not. Said I'd do it for free. As usual.

In other news. I'm hopping a jet to the west coast in the morning. San Diego, here I come.
Sadly, I'm not going for the Comiccon. I wish.
My dad is currently working there so I'm gonna hang out there till the 30th. I can't bring my acrylics on the plane so I kinda doubt there'll be any art for awhile.

Sorry :(

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hawt Blawg alert

'Ello friends, countrymen...
A friend of mine, Dom, and his girlfriend started a great blog:

He's an extremely talented woodworker at RIT, and you can not only find his creations on there but the work of his friends and acquaintances. Talk to him and you can probably get your stuff on there too. :)



listening to cat power always makes me a wee bit teary... so here's a melancholy lad.
Acrylic, 45 miutes.

Beardtastic! ... yet again.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

gee, sorry to burst your bubble.

Two boys with rather blumpy egos.

acrylic. for funsies. about an hour.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Luv Dunn Write.


okay. the girl i saw a couple days back at a restaurant. MAN i wish i was hot enough to pull off a haircut like her. But no. God didn't wanna bless me that way. :( thbbt.
And him? well. Dunno. Made him up.
some day i really oughta use reference. think i'd like my stuff better.

in other news. i have a recycled bike chain bracelet.

The man your man could...

... smell like?

i like the painting better.
took about 45 minutes. might do more tonight. this is therapeutic. BEARDTASTIC! ... again.

Friday, July 9, 2010

rill rill"

Quick acrylic thing for funsies. My dear lovely Kayla gave me the idea. So behold. A cowboy-sailor-hipster-lumberjack. BEARDTASTIC.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm not rich, but lord, I'm free.

So no art to report. But I'll show you where I've been and what I've been doing.

I'm in Colorado.
Where the clouds kiss the mountaintops, the smell after it rains is just... beyond words (think juniper and ponderosa with something magical and unidentifiable thrown in).... I've seen tons of rainbows, some dramatic storms and lightning... I've seen and heard falcons fighting over nests, their screams echoing out over towering red rocks. I've seen pastel mountains and black silk sunsets. Fuzzy antlers and desolate mud flats. I have had times where I couldn't tell a cloudbank from a distant mountain range. I've had Jehovah's Witnesses chase our car down to see if we're okay, slept in a hotel with a drive in movie theatre next door that we can watch from our room... Ate in a place that offered rattlesnake... I had buffalo empanadas and coffee/ancho chile rubbed duck. With bear's blood. which was tequila with pomegranate and lemon/lime juices. I danced around a teepee. I got a migraine that just about killed me. The next day guys, not because of tequila. Took a train up to the summit of Pike's Peak. I went to the US Air Force Academy and remembered my first dream in life- to be a pilot. That and drool on smart attractive men in uniform. Ahem.

Got to hang out in Denver with my mum's old college roommate. She's young at heart and we had a great time, the three of us. I've had a lot of other friends in and out of Denver, but sadly none of them are there now or I would've seen them, too.

We pretty much take the lesser highways and stuff. You never know what you'll find. That's the whole point of road trips- getting the hell away from it all. We blast the radio and just go. It's adventurous, it's exhausting, it's exhilarating... And I couldn't be happier. Too much wanderlust, I guess.

But enough rambling. I have a lot of awesome pictures. But the internet here is sketch and I can't seem to upload them, although I've been trying for like... an hour.
I'll put some on when I can. If you're my bud on facebook, I put a bunch of others on there.

Things have been rough in the past. But dammit, this trip's giving me a new lease on life. I really want to keep on livin'. There's too much out there to just give up.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I made a great investment the other day. I ended up in the bookstore at the mall and picked up a book full of Steve McCurry's gorgeous portraits (think the middle eastern girl with crazy hazel eyes and the red headwrap). He works for National Geographic and is... the best. So now I'm painting them.
I love looking at these and wondering what happened to these people... What they look like, where they are, even if they're still alive.

Typical me. Going shopping for clothes, ended up running home early to go draw. Pfft.

acrylic. moleskine.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


the girl. to add to the boys.


cowboys and spacemen. a.k.a. I've been watching too much Toy Story 3. haha.