Wednesday, July 21, 2010


a family friend wanted me to draw her grandkids as a bday present to their mother (her daughter). Back when their mother was young she had a pencil portrait done. So the tradition continues. LITTLE KIDS ARE SO TOUGH TO DRAW. burrr. mechanical pencil. honestly looks better in reality. Dunno if i'm getting paid or not. Said I'd do it for free. As usual.

In other news. I'm hopping a jet to the west coast in the morning. San Diego, here I come.
Sadly, I'm not going for the Comiccon. I wish.
My dad is currently working there so I'm gonna hang out there till the 30th. I can't bring my acrylics on the plane so I kinda doubt there'll be any art for awhile.

Sorry :(


  1. Bring some watercolors in an altoids tin!!!

  2. i'm afraid i'm just not cool enough to bring 'em in an altoids tin. I guess a metal box will have to do haha