Wednesday, March 31, 2010

spinescraper start

i hope to keep working on this. composition is bugging me a bit... not sketchy enough... i've got lotsa issues with it.
For digital mixed media... watercolour and then brought into PS3 with hopes of merging the two techniques.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I like a chick in shitkickers

for character design we had to write a story. Since I've been reading the book Sonny Barger wrote about his infamous club, the Hell's Angels, naturally I'm doing bikers. Main character is a chick, angela "angel" Davenport. Didn't want her to be too attractive but... well, not too happy with these doodles.

Funny thing... I picked the last names of these characters from the list of men who flew Jimmy Doolittle's retaliation mission over Tokyo in 1942. Well...Dean Davenport was the navigator, and I found out later, also the cousin of Sonny Barger. Total coincidence. Yay aviation/history nerdiness working its way into my shtuff.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well I just gotta tell someone...

I am in love with architecture. Perhaps it's just a fling, but it captivates me, sends me soaring... I know we're just in the honeymoon period right now, and when I turn this into something serious it might not work out... But... It just feels so... right...

at any rate... I'm actually sort of looking at grad schools where i can do architectural design... architectural illustration? Someone suggested Harvard. And I laughed. Ivy leagues scare the confidence and bejeezus right outta me.

But it's funny since I've always hated drawing buildings... Hm. Maybe i can make a living writing about them? Don't know. Gotta figure this out.

Blah blah, okay, back to painting. Bye!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

i'm alive. i think.

5 minutes.
5 minutes
10 minutes. foreshortening from hell.
bluh messed up the feet and such.

Had to go to Florida. Took a lot out of me, between the traveling and the funeral.
Anyways. I'm starting to get back on the horse. Slowly. Fuuuuu- i'm behind.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Amusing old photos

So my Grandma Eberts is very close to passing away and we've been going through a bunch of photos in preparation for the funeral. In this process I've found a few really awesome pieces that are interesting to me from standpoints aside from familial fascination.
First one up there is my dad on the left with his dad. Amusing.
That's my grandpa and his sister in the 1930s.
A train station.
My grandpa and his C Melody sax, which I still play.
My great grandpa on the right with some awesome horses.
Second from the right there is ol' Uncle "Ducky" Henry. Supposedly he played for the Chicago Cubs until a career ending injury.
couple of relatives in their automobile overcoats...
One of the Morans... Ah, the Irish side of my family. Turn of the century.
This is my Great-Great Grandma. A battleax of a lady, she lived in the great frontier of Colorado and shot a man dead for trying to break in in the middle of the night.
She was married to a man who was a former Texas Ranger and a formidable sharp shooter.
That's my grandma, walking down a street in good ol' Toledo.

So for you artsy people, feel free to use these to draw from. or whatever it is you do.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jo tries fashion ill.

So of course it involves a moto jacket.
pen/ink, ps3 brainfarting.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sorry about the lack of art

Haven't been very inspired. A series of really sad and misfortunate events have hit this break and man... I can't bring myself to draw. Too much death and missed potential. Just honestly, too upset.
Apparently I sleepwalked/paced all night last night... the first time i've ever done that...
Thank God I've got a few good friends who care and have been checking up on me.

Thanks emma, meg, and sara. You're the ones keeping me going.