Friday, March 5, 2010

Amusing old photos

So my Grandma Eberts is very close to passing away and we've been going through a bunch of photos in preparation for the funeral. In this process I've found a few really awesome pieces that are interesting to me from standpoints aside from familial fascination.
First one up there is my dad on the left with his dad. Amusing.
That's my grandpa and his sister in the 1930s.
A train station.
My grandpa and his C Melody sax, which I still play.
My great grandpa on the right with some awesome horses.
Second from the right there is ol' Uncle "Ducky" Henry. Supposedly he played for the Chicago Cubs until a career ending injury.
couple of relatives in their automobile overcoats...
One of the Morans... Ah, the Irish side of my family. Turn of the century.
This is my Great-Great Grandma. A battleax of a lady, she lived in the great frontier of Colorado and shot a man dead for trying to break in in the middle of the night.
She was married to a man who was a former Texas Ranger and a formidable sharp shooter.
That's my grandma, walking down a street in good ol' Toledo.

So for you artsy people, feel free to use these to draw from. or whatever it is you do.

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