Sunday, May 29, 2011

I promise

there will be some stuff up soon. I had a friend get mad at me for not posting haha

I'm in the middle of moving and starting a new internship on Tuesday and other things. I haven't got a lot of free time and currently my camera/cord are lost in the maelstrom of boxes and such. My scanner isn't hooked up either. AAAND internet is dicey.

I'm expecting a brief week of normalcy here as I dwell in my friend's basement, start my job, and start hanging out at my studio space downtown more.

Then INSANITY again as I move downtown. THEN. Normalcy. And posts. AND art. I promise.

I have a few pages killed in my new sketchbook. So there's stuff, I swear!!!

Any free time I have had I've spent either running or hanging out with friends who are leaving.

You never know when forever begins. It's good to spend every minute with people you care about when you can. <3

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Endings, beginnings, yep.

Hey y'all. I graduated! Got a BFA in Illustration with highest honors (3.81 gpa) from RIT! yayyy! and I get to start my new internship very soon. And move into a swag new apartment downtown in a couple weeks. and life... is hectic.. but amazing.

Today i spent the entire day in the Reporter office trying to help pull together the orientation issue. Simon Jones, Cassie Angerosa and her brother (an engineer who learned indesign in seconds) and I are blasting the Beatles and arting to death. We rock.

This ills are for that issue. I know I shouldn't technically post them until they're published, but dammit, that won't be for months, and by that time y'all will have forgotten about 'em. Or hey, early advertising.
This be the cover and a spot ill for something.

today i've busted out three ills in about 7 hours or so, minus breaks. I. am. tired.
ah well, signing a lease tomorrow.

It's been a wild, sad, happy, wonderful, horrible, overall intense ride, RIT. I will miss a lot of people. I hugged my profs before walking the stage and almost cried. Those guys become family after 3 years of creative growth. But since I'm staying here in Roch for a year, I don't feel as sad. I'll see them yet :)

Congrats to all my fellow grads, both under and post! <3

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ahrt Duhmp

final for the screaming mountains.
I had a lot of fun with this once I loosened up and took my prof's advice. Bob says, "jo, stop trying to paint. illustrate. have some fun with it!"
entry page for the above piece. Can't wait to see what Cristina does with the type. I'll show y'all once we're done. :)

doodled this for Brett's bday. I mean, who doesn't like hipsters licking young pussies?
more doodles. Uh, cut my hair and it's back to being rather fro-ish.
for a views piece in Reporter about kissin' cousins and incest in general.

Finished watchin the Man with No Name series. Had a quick cathartic good bad and ugly doodle.

All acrylic.

In news... Just got an AWESOME apartment with my med ill friend Alivia on Strathallan near the memorial art gallery and by park ave and all those awesome places downtown. You have NO idea how excited I am. Beautiful hardwood floors, LOTS of windows, built in bookcase... oh man oh man oh man can't wait to move in. gotta wait and couch crash for a couple weeks first though.

Hope all's well with yous guys!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


acrylic. inspired by the ants that keep invading my apartment this spring. Thanks to my lovely friend L for modeling. You're ace :D

So, life is completely awesome. I landed a summer internship at Workinman Interactive. I am so excited to learn new programs and work with some really awesome people in a sweet environment.
I'm staying in Rochester, working there, painting in the Hungerford, hopefully having shows nearly monthly, and enjoying summer with my friends :)

I really couldn't be much happier right now :D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'll shoot your hat as many times as I wanna

5 minute acrylic doodles make me happy.
watching too many clint eastwood movies... :D

Hello darlings. It's been a wild ride, and it looks like a few curves ahead. All good. I mean, curves are awesome, right?That's my cowboy mural. There was an AK47 painted on the floor, too.
There's Greg's awesome mural.

Anyways, we had The Gun Show. Man, I can't tell you how amazed I am that it happened, and how incredibly happy and grateful I am with its success. I pulled that show together in a week, and would never have been able to do it without the help and support of my friends. Special thanks to Greg Caggiano, who helped me set it all up in his studio space, and Brett Seamans n Lucy Lott for helping me get the ball rollin'. Thanks to everyone who gave me work to show, INCLUDING my professors <3

In other news, looks like I'm stayin in Rochester. Good people, good art scene, and I'll probably be sharing studio space in the Hungerford with the previously mentioned Greg and others. If all works out, we'll be trying to do a show like the Gun Show every month.

I'm happy about it. I love my friends here. I'm looking forward to a summer of painting and good music.

Tomorrow- going to Toronto to see Rammstein for the third effing time. Yeaah.
Then pulling things together for the honors show, class, a commission from the barn I ride at (i helped pull a horse's tooth out... gnarly) and other things.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Hey y'all!

here's a spread I'm working on for my editorial class. My partner is the amazing Cristina Maxon and we're doing an article on mountaintop clearing. The blue ridge mountains of appalachia are being blown to smithereens for the coal within them. This breaks our hearts.
I love those mountains. They're ancestral to my family.

full view to see!

So that's my pencil right now. I'm gonna acrylic it with colour soon. Stay tooned!


The amazing Greg Caggiano came to my rescue and we're putting on a show. We're showing work that was censored from the RIT Senior Illustration show as well as alumni and work of friends. There'll be photos and paintings and hopefully more. If you're a roc/RIT/past RIT kid and you wanna show a piece, drop me a line by Wednesday!

Life is awesome guys.