Sunday, May 22, 2011

Endings, beginnings, yep.

Hey y'all. I graduated! Got a BFA in Illustration with highest honors (3.81 gpa) from RIT! yayyy! and I get to start my new internship very soon. And move into a swag new apartment downtown in a couple weeks. and life... is hectic.. but amazing.

Today i spent the entire day in the Reporter office trying to help pull together the orientation issue. Simon Jones, Cassie Angerosa and her brother (an engineer who learned indesign in seconds) and I are blasting the Beatles and arting to death. We rock.

This ills are for that issue. I know I shouldn't technically post them until they're published, but dammit, that won't be for months, and by that time y'all will have forgotten about 'em. Or hey, early advertising.
This be the cover and a spot ill for something.

today i've busted out three ills in about 7 hours or so, minus breaks. I. am. tired.
ah well, signing a lease tomorrow.

It's been a wild, sad, happy, wonderful, horrible, overall intense ride, RIT. I will miss a lot of people. I hugged my profs before walking the stage and almost cried. Those guys become family after 3 years of creative growth. But since I'm staying here in Roch for a year, I don't feel as sad. I'll see them yet :)

Congrats to all my fellow grads, both under and post! <3

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