Monday, May 16, 2011

Ahrt Duhmp

final for the screaming mountains.
I had a lot of fun with this once I loosened up and took my prof's advice. Bob says, "jo, stop trying to paint. illustrate. have some fun with it!"
entry page for the above piece. Can't wait to see what Cristina does with the type. I'll show y'all once we're done. :)

doodled this for Brett's bday. I mean, who doesn't like hipsters licking young pussies?
more doodles. Uh, cut my hair and it's back to being rather fro-ish.
for a views piece in Reporter about kissin' cousins and incest in general.

Finished watchin the Man with No Name series. Had a quick cathartic good bad and ugly doodle.

All acrylic.

In news... Just got an AWESOME apartment with my med ill friend Alivia on Strathallan near the memorial art gallery and by park ave and all those awesome places downtown. You have NO idea how excited I am. Beautiful hardwood floors, LOTS of windows, built in bookcase... oh man oh man oh man can't wait to move in. gotta wait and couch crash for a couple weeks first though.

Hope all's well with yous guys!

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