Sunday, May 29, 2011

I promise

there will be some stuff up soon. I had a friend get mad at me for not posting haha

I'm in the middle of moving and starting a new internship on Tuesday and other things. I haven't got a lot of free time and currently my camera/cord are lost in the maelstrom of boxes and such. My scanner isn't hooked up either. AAAND internet is dicey.

I'm expecting a brief week of normalcy here as I dwell in my friend's basement, start my job, and start hanging out at my studio space downtown more.

Then INSANITY again as I move downtown. THEN. Normalcy. And posts. AND art. I promise.

I have a few pages killed in my new sketchbook. So there's stuff, I swear!!!

Any free time I have had I've spent either running or hanging out with friends who are leaving.

You never know when forever begins. It's good to spend every minute with people you care about when you can. <3

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