Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hey kids! I'm kicking around sunny san diego, avoiding insane comic con goers (and boy... i'm jealous i'm not there, but some of them are nuts!), and otherwise wandering. Today I went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which is part of the famous san diego zoo. (which i also plan to go to).
Cali's alright, I like it, but I guess I don't completely understand the hype.
Then again, I'm not on the beach with a lover and a beer, being rowdy young and lusty. Guess I'll never know. I'm an average looking midwestern boring piece of female. A fun vampire, if you will.
sigh. i wish.

It was insanely hot and i got heat stroke and almost passed out in a lion pen, but it was otherwise awesome.
Got a lot of reference shots, but here's a couple. Oh, and a doodle i did in about ten minutes of nasty turbulence on the flight in. I get SUPER nervous during rough turbulence and I guess super frenetic sketchy doodling is a way to cope.

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