Tuesday, July 5, 2011


uh, wannabe retro couple in this awesome book i found. It's just loads of pictures of modern day greasers in Britain and their sexy bikes.

bass player from aforementioned book.

seven self portraits, doodle in sharpie at top speed. I own all those clothes. except the shirt the shooting herself jo is wearing.
from that book again... a rather quickly scribbled guy and his inaccurately scribbled Triton. oh and some more sharpie doodling.
more doodling really.

Finished my first walk cycle today. It was so much easier than it was when I tried a few weeks back. I'm slowly learning this language they call Flash. A friend of one of my coworkers came in today, and he animates on the f**king amazing shows Superjail and Metalocalypse. Talk about inspiring!

Hoping to get into the studio more and get more commissions done. Things have been mighty crazy around here lately!