Wednesday, July 13, 2011

demon seahorse? yep.

Allo! Been a while. Been super busy. Just doodle painted this tonight for an hour. Acrylic. My mind is a strange place.

I've been animating. Er, I should say falling in love. GOD I wish I'd majored in it or something. Yeahhh I'm just doing flash right now, but I love it.

Today marks day 3 of the second week of me ever animating. Here's some stuff I did last week and then yesterday...

'Ave a look at my villain!

And here's a "death". a.k.a. game over.

Not bad for barely a week at it and barely a month at flash!!

Today I animated icicles melting/dripping, and tomorrow I'm wrapping that up and working on fire.

Man, I am nerding out about these things, but I realllly enjoy my job. :)

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