Tuesday, July 19, 2011

honda 350s and horse teeth

so a couple months back, my friend Jocelyn and I went for a sunset ride out at Liberty Stables. Deb had a surprise for us- she had her friend Lily, a large animal vet, in to remove a rotting tooth. The horse in question, Paris, is 26 years old and probably won't be around much longer. It was surprisingly emotional, rather gory, and a lot of muscle. We hammered away at that tooth with a drill, the whole while with Paris in a crazy sort of mouth brace and heavily sedated.

Deb asked me to paint a scene from it, so I picked a less gory bit where she was merely smacking away at the tooth with a metal rod.

acrylic, about an hour and a half.

Two days ago I was driving back downtown when I saw the LANKIEST guy in the world riding this little Honda 350. He just simply did not fit. He had his helmet strapped over a baseball cap, little wireframe glasses, big fuck off work boots, and his little ratty ponytail and plaid overshirt blowin' in the breeze. When I got up close enough to see him I just about drove off the road laughing.
So when I made it to my studio, I just had to have a little doodle over it.
Oh, and there's a sneak peek of what I painted for my mum's bday behind it there... I'll post that once she actually gets it.

acrylic, twenty minutes.

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