Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i'm alive.

just started painting out of my head. acrylic. looks better in reality. the Wash is because that's the bon iver song i've had in my head and on repeat for weeks now.
five minute lemmy mess and ... i don't know what.
snails i was designing for a game at work. :)

So I've been animating. It's crazy tough, like learning a whole new language. But when all the frustration and hair pulling gives way to your character coming to life, it's the most beautiful feeling ever. I've been designing Flash games and it is tough, but I really enjoy it.

Barely moved in and my car got broken into. Hoping I can do more art soon. I've got lots of ideas, but nothing is coming out like I want it to. It's frustrating and heart breaking.

c'est la vie c'est la guerre.


  1. that first painting is awesome! is that painted on paper?

  2. thanks dahlin'! yeah, in my moleskine. if you get the paper wet enough and it actually like, separates when you rub it a little bit. which makes funky textures. :)