Tuesday, June 21, 2011

le sad

so the day i got the keys to my awesome new apartment, i started moving in. as i was leaving for the day, i saw a puppy fall off the third story balcony of the house next to me. I ran over. He'd fallen on his back and broken several ribs and vertebrae. I yelled and yelled for someone as the poor thing was dying on me. I finally went in the house and found people, and much to my disgust, they didn't really seem to care. They had other beautiful dogs that were rather junkyard and violent, like a german shepherd and a rottweiler mix of some sort. This was a bulldog puppy.
Yeah, couldn't shake that image. Ended up drawing it. Poor thing still makes me cry.

it seems every summer an innocent dies in my hands. last summer a bird had hit the window and i held the thing until it expired too. Only makes me more of a bleeding heart, if that's possible.

house across from mine. doodled it on my roof one sunday afternoon.

haven't had much time for art, what with all my free time being spent moving/unpacking. I haven't even made it to my studio in a week!

But I love living downtown. Love it.

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  1. :( that breaks my heart. Poor, poor thing... on a lighter note, that is quite the beautiful drawing.