Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yak yak yak.

Me, tank/jet girl esque, on a yak/ram thing...

Aaaaand the three pieces the amazing Joi Ong and I collaborated on. Model is the lovely Gabi Ripka. I'm pretty proud of this. I painted the gore, Joi shot Gabi, and Gabi, Jena and I screamed a lot.

So... Fall quarter is (almost) over.
I need to figure out which style to stick to, to maybe possibly get a job someday.

I also plan to take photos of my friends (or have them take one if they're too far away) and then do acrylic portraits based off that, rather than using the gorgeous photos of steve mccurry.
It'll be so much more challenging as I'll be afraid to offend people. If you're willing to be painted, please let me know!

I hope to draw a lot over break. Travel safe, everyone!

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