Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Swear I ain't dead

Hey guys! I swear I have some ideas in the works. Got a soul cobbler, a mental hospital thing (i'm in an abnormal psych course right now, gimme a break), and some other things cooking up north.

It's day two of week one of my last winter quarter at RIT and I'm already nice and stymied in homework. It's good to be back, but I really miss all that free time I had over break to just paint paint paint.

I just emailed a couple illustrator heroes of mine for my business and marketing class and damn, I'm nervous. I really hope to hear back from them, but considering two of them are across the pond, phone conversations could be difficult. Ooo wee. I am compulsively checking my email right now and biting my nails off...

I'm in book illustration, and if any you people who read this knew me in high school, you might remember my silly little story/animation about Xander and his Magnificent Flying Machine. No? Well... My book this quarter is gonna be Xander, a few years later, after his bird pal flew away and he became a pilot and is fighting in the war. (1940s, I thunk). His plane goes down over a distant jungle and he's stranded until... you guessed it, his ol' bird pal, all grown up, happens upon him and they fly away together. Predictable? Sure, but for a kid's book, I'm excited. Drawing planes, dudes and birds, well, I'm in.

Pretty packed quarter so far and i haven't even gotten to Visual Essay yet, but as they say down south, bring it on.

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