Saturday, August 14, 2010

Zombie lady gets backround. Needs work. nh

Aaand it's 2:30 something a.m. and I'm finally getting around to painting some more.

yeahh yeahh, there's my demon horse silhouetted in there. Yep.
Lot more work to do.
Suggestions, help, etc. would be great. Landscapes are most definitely NOT my strong point.

I tried to bring a bit of the fiery colours into her complexion (it was very neutral/putty like before) without making her TOO alive looking... Eh, I'll probably just throw in more blood and gore.

1 comment:

  1. The figure in the house has a highlight. I think it will benefit from the mid ground figures (zombie? lol) having a bit of highlights too. Subtle, but some. She's super brightly lit from direct front. But nothing else captures the light. Just some things to think about to maintain it as a whole scene. Love the lady tho.