Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nightmare landscape

So I get migraines 2, 3 times a week anymore. Got one today. Took a new medicine for it (prescribed) and... had hallucinations, screamed at nothing, was terrified of the floor, among other things.
Horrible as it was, some of the hallucinations were totally crazy.

And this was one of them. I said, in delirium, "I GOTTA PAINT THAT" and i went to sketch it down but discovered my arms weighed 300 pounds each and I couldn't move. Well, I'll certainly never do drugs. I'd do more tonight but I still feel rather dodgy.

1 hour so far.

Suggestions/help VERY welcome.

1 comment:

  1. I would suggest working in a little bit more of the "mouth floor" before getting too tied down to the details like shiny highlights. Maybe vary the direction of teeth. Sizes, chips in teeth? Diseased color toward the bottom? lol, suppose they could be ribs too. Which is it? Could something to define a middle ground perhaps. This seems like it will turn into something super cool!