Saturday, August 14, 2010

Amazing artist alert

A filmmaker this time. Matthew Brown.

I've only watched a couple of his videos so far but I needed to tell someone about them so far.
He captures feelings of trips with a video camera... memories... in ways I've only ever been able to remember.

He did a couple "postcard" type videos, one of Japan, one of Spain. The first two countries I went to besides canada/us were Spain & Japan and these two videos really echo my memories of these places.

Spain was a country full of light and dark. Religion and torture. I was there during Semana Sancta and was in Toledo during easter. It was... a phenomenal experience. I also experienced my first run in with hate in this country. One, I was American (around the time of 9/11). Two, I was in a very Catholic country and I looked very Jewish at the time, according to the locals (they let me know it very loudly, calling me things such as "jew pig whore" at the entrance to cathedrals. sometimes it sucks being able to understand other languages. almost didn't let me in at one place in sevilla). It was... well, a phenomenal experience. This guy's work brought it all back.

Japan... totally different feel. I was with my family there, visiting my sister in Hiroshima and my dad in Tokyo. Tokyo felt frenetic. Every neighborhood is wildly different. we were there in winter, and in the midst of this insanely busy city, with karaoke and crazy awesome food, we were in the middle of this one park and it was... silent.
Completely, utterly silent.
Just snow falling.
Black silhouettes of people with umbrellas. Women in beautiful white coats, with glossy black hair. Colorful youth.
Then Hiroshima, a great city. Really liked that place. My sister and I spoke Spanish and my parents spoke French at the Peace Center, for obvious reasons. You don't want to be American there.
In that video there's deer. I'm not sure where he was, could be a lot of places, but it reminded me of Miyajima. Lots of adorable deer there, Itsukushima Shrine, a torii gate...

I've rambled enough. Go look. Maybe it'll move you like it moved me.

Check out "Right Before World War Three"
Is it sad to admit it made me sob?

I guess stuff moves me easily :)

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