Tuesday, August 10, 2010

she's clothed. still workin'

Any suggestions for a background? i'm awful at this.

I was also considering having some skin ripped off for muscle/gross stuff to show through, like my demon horses.

still gonna fix her arm, mess with her hair/horns more, fix the clothes/skin, and add more blood/tearstains.

I wanna do this one right.


  1. drawing scary horned ladies? consider background inspiration from


    i' sorry i'm a little drankface

  2. Jo, I have to say, You've completely blown me away with how amazing you've become as an artist. You do so much grander stuff than I'll ever accomplish, and I hope you get all the recognition in the world because you honestly deserve it so much. Keep up the absolutely amazing work. It's an honor saying that I personally know you.