Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Howdy tharr y'all

 Hey y'all! So it has been WAY too long since I last posted. So here's some stuff. I've been super busy working, planning shows and helping Greg plan Dr. Sketchy's. The first one went well and the next one is in the works! I'll post more soon. That there is one of my pieces from the Cat Show. Around 14"x17" acrylic on gessoed plywood.

At Studio 364 we have a show this Friday, the Medical Illustration show.
Then, June 1st, we're hosting the Rock Show, complete with awesome music art, pinatas, beer, crazy costumes, and more! I have yet to figure out what I'm painting for that.
 This was a quick sketch from the first Dr. Sketchy's. The fabulous Nicole Malone was our model, and she posed amongst taxidermy, bones, and other dead things.
 I've been in a rut, which isn't news. But I've been re-teaching myself how to paint nice skin tones by studying the pinups of Elvgren. So, here's one.
 And here's another. That's the first one I did. All the notes are because I discovered that Yale offers open online courses for free. So I took one on Epidemics in Western Society since 1600s, which led me to getting the book And The Band Played On by Randy Shilts. It's about the epidemiological beginnings of AIDS and its social/political effects. I'm a couple hundred pages in, and it is damned fascinating. Now I'm taking a course on the Hebrew Bible (aka old testament) and MAN is it good, especially coming from an overly religious area where you were basically beat up if you didn't believe whatever out of context scripture someone was spitting at you.

Anyways, Yale. Highly recommended.
 Here's the rest of that spread, with a ball point scribble of Henrik Zetterberg from the Red Wings. Boo, playoffs. And another pinup. All Elvgren's, copied by me for learning purposes.
And here's my other piece from the Cat Show, which I posted previously. This and the other greaser cat piece are up for sale if you're interested. And I have $5 prints of this one. Done by the fine gents at HTB Press.

In the future, looks like I'm designing some posters for the next Dr. Sketchys, possibly some gig posters this summer, and some shirts for Rib Fest. Allons-y!

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