Monday, May 7, 2012

Posters! Scribbles! Shows!

You know you wanna come. There will be slime!
Hey! So! Come to our second Dr. Sketchy's shindig!!! It's gonna be awesome!!!

Tonight I made posters and such.
Rib fest design!
 This is a possible design for tshirts for Rib Fest in Rochester this summer. Want it? Come to rib fest and buy a shirt! And eat ribs! delicious! stylish! fun! Printed by the fantastic guys at HTB Press.
Make your art and get it to me soon!
 the next first friday is closer than you think!!! This here's a super quick poster for it. Any music genre is welcome! Rap, metal, pop, electro, folk, classical, doesn't matter!!! it's gonna be a crazy good time.

I've decided for mine it's gonna be two pieces, of two reverends. One, Reverend Horton Heat. THe other? Reverend Peyton of Reverend Peyton and the Big Damn Band. They're ace. Check 'em out. And his beard rocks. Speaking of which... here's two MAYBE 5 minute scribbles I did of him. Gonna do more studies before I actually paint him and the other rev.
super fast sketchy doodles.
Stay tuned! Lots more art in the near future!

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