Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i'm alive.

just started painting out of my head. acrylic. looks better in reality. the Wash is because that's the bon iver song i've had in my head and on repeat for weeks now.
five minute lemmy mess and ... i don't know what.
snails i was designing for a game at work. :)

So I've been animating. It's crazy tough, like learning a whole new language. But when all the frustration and hair pulling gives way to your character coming to life, it's the most beautiful feeling ever. I've been designing Flash games and it is tough, but I really enjoy it.

Barely moved in and my car got broken into. Hoping I can do more art soon. I've got lots of ideas, but nothing is coming out like I want it to. It's frustrating and heart breaking.

c'est la vie c'est la guerre.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

le sad

so the day i got the keys to my awesome new apartment, i started moving in. as i was leaving for the day, i saw a puppy fall off the third story balcony of the house next to me. I ran over. He'd fallen on his back and broken several ribs and vertebrae. I yelled and yelled for someone as the poor thing was dying on me. I finally went in the house and found people, and much to my disgust, they didn't really seem to care. They had other beautiful dogs that were rather junkyard and violent, like a german shepherd and a rottweiler mix of some sort. This was a bulldog puppy.
Yeah, couldn't shake that image. Ended up drawing it. Poor thing still makes me cry.

it seems every summer an innocent dies in my hands. last summer a bird had hit the window and i held the thing until it expired too. Only makes me more of a bleeding heart, if that's possible.

house across from mine. doodled it on my roof one sunday afternoon.

haven't had much time for art, what with all my free time being spent moving/unpacking. I haven't even made it to my studio in a week!

But I love living downtown. Love it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

some hands n a portrait n stuff

hands for an undisclosed thingamajig
for ma pere for father's day, comedian Harry Lloyd
downer for last.
these were doodled when i discovered I couldn't be a bone marrow donor because of my heart surgery n all. really bummed me out, made me feel broken.
been having a lot of scares anyways, probably have to go to cleveland clinic soon and be told "nothing's wrong, but if you keep stressing yourself out then i can't promise anything".

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

moar zombie pinups n clint

Had a helluva time with Flash today. CS5 crashed and we had to upgrade to CS5.5, which wouldn't install. Soo... we roundabouted and made it work but I lost four hours of work >:(

Anyways... whilst it was effing about I doodled Blondie again as usual.

More zombie nazi chicks for a thingaroo I'm workin' on. Probably be a lot more in the future here too.
Didn't get to my studio so they're just ballpoint pen.

one has a scribbly luger and the other a scribbly mg-42.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zombies, rocky horrors, and abs, oh my

Hullo all. My first week of work was awesome. I'm really enjoying what I'm doing and excited to learn more.
I can't wait to move downtown. I went to the public market in downtown Roch yesterday and am soooo ready to bring home fresh produce/bread/wine like I used to when I was in Paris. Oh man. It's going to be so fantastic. I'll also be right by my studio in the Hungerford Building and will be able to spend a LOT more time there. Tonight I just hung out there for 2 hours.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


So. After a long day of drawing in flash, I went to my studio and broke out the acrylics. And I cannot tell you how damn good I feel because of it.
These are my brain vomits from tonight, all done in a span of 2 hours.
actually this was doodled during work... i was listening to the Hanna soundtrack and kept thinking of the creepy german guy from the film.

i swear i am not doing drugs.
Matthieu, my coyote skull who keeps me company in the studio.


Lovin' work, lovin' free time, lovin' the sun, lovin' you, lovin' life.