Sunday, January 30, 2011


Whaddreya doin', draggin' that bonehead around with you everywhere, girl?

er... acrylic. Promotional mailer probably. We only needed a sketch for class but I kiiinda got into it.

Full view please, I paint small.

acrylic on ill board. 6x8. will scale it down for the actual mailer.

"Joni's in the tall grass
She's a beautiful mental jukebox
A sailboat explosion
A snap of electric whipcrack....

She's not thinking about the future
She's not spinning her wheels
She doesn't think at all about the past
She's thinking long and hard about that wild sound
And wondering
Will it last???"

-hey joni, sonic youth

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Not feeling very good tonight, heart's acting up and making my arm go all numb.

But it's the left arm, and i'm right handed (currently) so I did a quick photoshop doodle of a space dude I'd doodled in my sketchbook earlier in the week.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raja and Jordan

Still figuring out gouach!!! This is the beautiful Raja Aossey. I haven't seen her in a very long time (too long!), but she is one of those people who never fails to inspire me.
Aaand this character is Jordan Valdiviez, another person I haven't seen in awhile. He's completely awesome and always fun to hang out with.

I'll keep working with gouache. I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it, ever so slightly!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yuri! and another.

having some fun with gouache tonight.

This is my friend Yuri Fukamati. If you do not know her, you are unfortunate. She is gorgeous inside as well as outside. I love this girl, and am going to miss her tons once we all graduate.
Seriously, she can always make you smile.
and this is just some dude i found in my gigantic stack of reference pictures... I think i got it off a Vice magazine shoot somewher ein the past.... I believe his name was Dash.

so yep. Registering for my last quarter at RIT in the morning. Cheers!

Fonzie's son.

whilst flipping through some old Paper magazines snagged from my lovely art director at reporter, I came across the adorable Max Winkler, son of Henry Winkler, better known as The Fonz. This guy... I just wanna hug him. Kiss him on the cheek. I bet he giggles.
gouache, about 30 minutes in all, done between classes for fun.
and doodles during crit... That's my prof Chad Grohman, whom I drew as he was doing crit.
The rest is just mind farting and notes. Yeh, claddaugh trolls. Okay. I need sleep?

Off to a piercing salon to take reference of the awesome Jason at Primitive Impressions for my next visual essay series. Can't wait.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Minotaurs and hipsters

bull headed.

Double post tonight, folks! Got going with gouache. I have so many sketches I want to paint up but i have to study for a test tomorrow and print some business cards. Oh, and schedule my final quarter at RIT.


For the children's book I'm working on in Book Illustration with Chad Grohman.

This is the cockpit of a P-51d north american Mustang. Sexy plane.
Piece is... 6x9 inches on hp ill board....
Gouache. Some pen. Touch o' acrylic.

This was one heck of a challenge for me.

Might do a portrait now rather than brave the -4 degree weather outside... if I do I'll add it onto this post.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Digital portrait fun time

EDIT: here's the last one before i go to bed. had a photo of a lady in a headdress in a desert being hipster. 30 minute speedpaint.

So tonight I weaned myself off the round brush (and a few other favorites) and I forced myself to paint with some new photoshop brushes.

I love it.

That's Pete Townshend of the Who. I was pretty much obsessed with him as a kid.
Took an hour.
I did not take a photo, I painted myself from a mirror. It's off. I just have such a tough time painting myself. I did this before the Pete one, so it's also me getting used to the new brush.

I'm probably going to do another one yet tonight, I"ll be sure to post it on this post.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stable series and some doodles

sorry bout the rough photos, can't find a scanner big 'nuff.
Pirate, wondering why I was taking photos of the stable. But there were colourful harnesses/curry combs. I had to.
some of the stable and the black cat I cuddle when I'm there. Gotta get my fuzzy fix somehow!
and you already saw this one, Whiskey getting the mud cleaned outta her tail.

All of those are acrylic on cp illustration board. about 10 x 12.
uh, doodle i did fo rno reason.
and another doodle i did for no reason.

Aaaand i'mma keep going.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gouache stuff!!!

started fiddling with gouache. this boy happened.
then... myself as a zombie?!

That skull's probably going to be my header for my business cards, etc. Header. heh. geddit?

okay, back to work.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whiskey the horse. and a lot of other stuff.

Quick acrylic doodle for funsies.
For Bob Dorsey's visual essay class. This is one of the guys at the stable cleaning up Whiskey before I rode her. She's a newer horse, and not allowed to be ridden by students. She was really jumpy that day and nearly killed me, bucking/rearing/generally freaking out.

Acrylic. on cold press Ill board.
making a mess
For Chad Grohman's book illustration class. Acrylic on illustration board.
For Reporter's issue this friday. This lady is suing RIT. She wouldn't agree to a photo. So i had to take super smiley reference of her and make a grumpy illustration.
in class doodles. i didn't have a pencil. i did have a sharpie.
i have been dreaming in concept art. So... helmets.

EDIT: the helmet now has a girl.... quick acrylic moleskine fun time :D
THis is what happens when I listen to Tron music for hours on end.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

animales and snooki

I was watching some Planet Earth and drawing the animals.

...and some of the people in the making of sections...

And then Jersey Shore came on.. So I drew some of those animals.

.. and then i painted a girl in an Anthropologie mag.
all quick watercolour studies.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

visual essay progress.

So for this class, Visual Essay, we have to do three final pieces that visually describe an event/place. I chose Liberty Stables, a place I ride out in the finger lakes in upstate New York. I had all these lovely ideas, but when I went in early one sunday morning for reference, I liked my ref way better than my original thoughts.

Today I did some quick messy watercolour colour studies.

We had a warm spell where all the snow melted... so all the horses are just coated in mud. We had to get as much of it off as we could.
Pirate, my first fav horse there. With some colourful curry brushes in the back.
Whiskey's tail being groomed by one of the guys. I rode Whiskey later and that dang girl almost killed me. I somehow held on from being bucked/reared/sidestepped all over the whole ride. The other riders said I should be a rodeo girl. I love riding but not like that.

She's a new horse and doesn't get along well with others- they don't let students ride her.
really fast last minute one of pirate staring at me confusedly with the colourful brushes/leadropes in the foreground. If i do a final of this one it'll obviously be better haha

Trying to decide which three. If you have advice/opinions let's hear it!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

last one! and belated.

This is Okuwa- Tse (cloud yellow), a plains indian from San Ildefonso in NM. c. 1905.
Acrylic on masonite... last of the three!
i did this for my sister for her bday. inspired by john william waterhouse.
detail. Watercolour on ... ill board i think. yeah.

ok ok, i'll blog less now. I've been really sick and haven't had anything better to do besides painting and homework.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Two down, one to go.

Medicine Crow- an aptly named medicine man of the crow tribe
Three Eagles- a nez perce warrior

All acrylic on masonite. yay!

some doodles in a restaurant over break... dillo on a guy's head... and there were these SUPER obnoxious girls singing along to the soundtrack...

One more native american to go... THey'll be going in a show this Friday hopefully in Downtown ROC... I'll keep you posted!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

some digi messes

I was doing some figure studies and then... she turned into a space lady with a helmet that's like a cross between bobba fett and leia... i do NOT know. Had no reference on the face... I'm getting a bit better on this make it up stuff.
Some lady's back.
quick one for reporter about new years round the world
nother one for reporter about RIT...

So yep. Onto some traditional acrylic!!!