Thursday, January 20, 2011

Digital portrait fun time

EDIT: here's the last one before i go to bed. had a photo of a lady in a headdress in a desert being hipster. 30 minute speedpaint.

So tonight I weaned myself off the round brush (and a few other favorites) and I forced myself to paint with some new photoshop brushes.

I love it.

That's Pete Townshend of the Who. I was pretty much obsessed with him as a kid.
Took an hour.
I did not take a photo, I painted myself from a mirror. It's off. I just have such a tough time painting myself. I did this before the Pete one, so it's also me getting used to the new brush.

I'm probably going to do another one yet tonight, I"ll be sure to post it on this post.


  1. what kind of brush did you use? I like it.

  2. it was a dry media brush... i'd guess it was supposed to be chalk. I was just fiddling around :)