Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whiskey the horse. and a lot of other stuff.

Quick acrylic doodle for funsies.
For Bob Dorsey's visual essay class. This is one of the guys at the stable cleaning up Whiskey before I rode her. She's a newer horse, and not allowed to be ridden by students. She was really jumpy that day and nearly killed me, bucking/rearing/generally freaking out.

Acrylic. on cold press Ill board.
making a mess
For Chad Grohman's book illustration class. Acrylic on illustration board.
For Reporter's issue this friday. This lady is suing RIT. She wouldn't agree to a photo. So i had to take super smiley reference of her and make a grumpy illustration.
in class doodles. i didn't have a pencil. i did have a sharpie.
i have been dreaming in concept art. So... helmets.

EDIT: the helmet now has a girl.... quick acrylic moleskine fun time :D
THis is what happens when I listen to Tron music for hours on end.

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