Thursday, January 6, 2011

visual essay progress.

So for this class, Visual Essay, we have to do three final pieces that visually describe an event/place. I chose Liberty Stables, a place I ride out in the finger lakes in upstate New York. I had all these lovely ideas, but when I went in early one sunday morning for reference, I liked my ref way better than my original thoughts.

Today I did some quick messy watercolour colour studies.

We had a warm spell where all the snow melted... so all the horses are just coated in mud. We had to get as much of it off as we could.
Pirate, my first fav horse there. With some colourful curry brushes in the back.
Whiskey's tail being groomed by one of the guys. I rode Whiskey later and that dang girl almost killed me. I somehow held on from being bucked/reared/sidestepped all over the whole ride. The other riders said I should be a rodeo girl. I love riding but not like that.

She's a new horse and doesn't get along well with others- they don't let students ride her.
really fast last minute one of pirate staring at me confusedly with the colourful brushes/leadropes in the foreground. If i do a final of this one it'll obviously be better haha

Trying to decide which three. If you have advice/opinions let's hear it!

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