Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stable series and some doodles

sorry bout the rough photos, can't find a scanner big 'nuff.
Pirate, wondering why I was taking photos of the stable. But there were colourful harnesses/curry combs. I had to.
some of the stable and the black cat I cuddle when I'm there. Gotta get my fuzzy fix somehow!
and you already saw this one, Whiskey getting the mud cleaned outta her tail.

All of those are acrylic on cp illustration board. about 10 x 12.
uh, doodle i did fo rno reason.
and another doodle i did for no reason.

Aaaand i'mma keep going.


  1. I really love this series. I'd love to see you to more with the same style/subject matter. A little bit of deviance from reality/period might make for some interesting western pieces :-)