Friday, June 21, 2013

Been busy

Sorry for the neglect, oh blog of mine!

Took a lovely vacation in the Adirondacks with my boyfriend, then moved to our first place that's just ours, then juggled work and more work and volunteering and and art show and... yeah. But I have some art to show you!!!
 Here's some bulldogs I painted for our Dog Show. Acrylic on wood panel and SOLD! I stayed up late painting this and another piece I don't have a good picture of right now.

 This is a car door I painted for our Cat Show II. My lovely boyfriend went dumpster diving and returned with a full on BMW car door. Which of course was a veiled excuse to buy a Sawzall and cut most of the frame off for me. Oh, and he had a bunch of tires hanging around, as you do.
There's a possibility of this getting sold to a local shop that's hot rod themed- don't know yet, but fingers crossed!
And finally, this here is Tank Dempsey of Call of Duty, Der Riese. I've been commissioned by the awesome Reed to do a series of posters of the main guys from this side of the game. You can see more about it (and a quick run through my website) here: and the link to buy the poster

Coming soon: drunk russian, angry nazi, grumpy japanese guy, and a group shot of all 4!
Also coming soon: more hockey players!

It's my goal to make a whole section of my portfolio hockey players/sports. I really want to get into sports illustration. I absolutely LOVE doing portraits of these guys. My next challenge for myself is to traditionally paint a more old school player (i am beyond obsessed with the evolution of the goalie mask), so expect someone like Gump Worsley or Jacques Plante soon.

Thanks for stoppin' by and stay tuned!