Friday, March 25, 2011

Long week

My computer has crashed. Dead. As I've been waiting for the harddrive to be erased and as we re-install everything, I drew this. I haven't drawn with just pencil in... Forever it feels like.
So, I'm really upset, and losing my mind, but gotta keep going.
as my original file is currently unaccessible and I don't have time to rescan right now, here's my piece with all the type. Cover of the Reporter. It's cropped a bit here. Acrylic.
Inside that issue...
I like these two best. :) (acrylic in moleskine)
during another long crit, I drew my fellow illustrator Dan A. He just kept staring ahead, blissfully unaware of me doodling him...
I should post more of these. i draw lots of unsuspecting graphic designers in that class.

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