Wednesday, October 27, 2010

week 8. dead.

First of all, I just want to say thank you to everyone who's been there for me this week. It's been a doozy, a roller coaster, a hell hole... I had a lot of failures this week. I'm hoping it's a sign I'm just working too much or learning from my mistakes. But seriously, you guys are amazing. The encouraging words, hugs and everything else have kept me going.
quick woodrow wilson thing for Reporter. Acrylic on bristol
So my pal Justyn had a few pieces up at an awesome little bar in Canandigua, so we went for the opening. He drew my margarita and... I had fun with it.
in crit and bored.
more during crit boredom
This is the painting I freaked out and turped. It doesn't exist anymore. BRAD if you're looking at this don't worry, I'm redoing it. I know it looks NOTHING like you. I had your likeness and then it... disappeared as I kept painting. Now it's vaguely jersey shore and ugh. So I'm starting over.
But yeah. That was the main failure this week.

So now i'm going to go sleep for the first time in days.


  1. hahaha I laughed out loud in line at walmart when I read this. P.S. It's brad :D

  2. hahaha well i'm glad i made you laugh at least. I swear to god i'll do it right before i go home for break! haha