Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week Two.

hi 'gain. First portrait is of Denis Menochet, a beautiful french actor ( you can see him in Inglorious Basterds).

Second piece was done in class for sketchbook today... The prompt was "summer camp".
Well... Years ago I went to an aviation camp. My roommate was a girl named Ashley. We became very close friends and remained pen pals for years. (ah the days before facebook/myspace). Then, on my 12th (i believe) birthday, September 14th, I get an email from her telling how her mother, Wendy Faulkner, a vice president of AON life insurance, was killed in 9/11. She gave up her spot on one of the last elevators during the evacuation of the second tower to a pregnant woman and was in the stairwell (72nd floor) when the second plane hit. She was killed instantly.

This stuck with me for years, and I think of it every year not only with 911 but with my birthday as well. So this silly watercolour/pen/ink piece is Ashley and I playing with toy airplans, with two trees and smokey clouds... OH SYMBOLISM.

We lost touch eventually but years later I saw her again....

Yes, that's her. She was in a lot of reelection ads for W. Small world.

others are more portraits and some figure drawing.


  1. The summer camp piece and accompanying story almost brought a tear to my eye. You are a fantastic artist Jo.


  2. Aw thanks! Remind me to hug you to death next time I see you. Eh, you probably won't have to remind me.