Sunday, September 26, 2010

Skinwalker rough sketch 2.1

Tried again. New thoughts? This is super rough. Not too refined yet.
Using myself for reference at this point out of lack of time and available models. Sorry. I know that's kind of cheating. :(
oy. here's some quick monster head sketchy things.


  1. The left side of the monster is too formless, makes his arm loos less menacing. What about expanding the base of the monster so he has a larger center of gravity?

  2. Hm. Yeah. Good idea. I could have his body pretty much take up the whole frame.... maybe even lengthen the format so he's taller.... Thanks!!!

  3. amazing composition improvement!! it looks great.

  4. I like the changes you made to the composition. Adds a looot more drama with all the depth and foreshortening.I feel that it may work slightly better if the whole scene was dropped down and to the right a tiny bit, but I'm compositionally retarded so it may just be my imagination.