Tuesday, October 25, 2011


hiy'all. So there's a song by allison krauss called Jacob's Dream. It's realllllyyyyy effing sad. I would love to illustrate/animate it like a story. Here's a scene from it I doodle up the other day and quickly painted last night. Yeeaah, the one boy is dead. I think I might actually paint this one for real some day. acrylic, thirty minutes.
i doodled myself fighting the flu. showed it to my boyfriend (who had been dying of it earlier) and he said he'd probably just be throwing pills and medicine at it. So I drew him in there. We're both sort of alive now. I think.

a doodle.
little monster guy i'm playing around with.. pretty sure he'll have grey fur n such but who knows. i'll keep doodling him until something flows. Nothing's really flowing yet.

I'd post more often but life, sickness and loved ones have needed my time more than my paintbrushes. But we'll see :)

Thanks fer poppin' by!

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