Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surfin' USA. or just travelin' it.

got to watching the world cup. which got me to looking up world cup players. which was lots of fun. tee hee. oh... surfer dude... and there's a sketch for a potential ill of Mister Rictus from Wanted for a friend of mine. If i'm not too lazy. Which I probably am.

In other news... Got my mum's roommate's (she's a doctor in denver) old Medical Illustration books- 60 lbs worth! And they're breathtaking. Dr. Netter is an AMAZING illustrator.

Aaand... my summer traveling will continue. After the 4th, I'm headed out west to maybe see said friend of my mum in Denver and just generally roadtrip around the southwest. I miss the White Sands and don't remember a lot of things out there from the last time i went out.

Then it's up to Quebec City to see Rammstein and wander around the city... Then it's out to San Diego to see my dad and explore CA. Perhaps up to San Fran. Then back to Rochester. Move to new apartment. Around then- job hunting and running around NYC with a friend. Then... SENIOR YEAR. Good times and lots of hard work ahead. Much more than the bumbling I'm doing currently.

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