Tuesday, May 11, 2010

D horses and random doodles

That top dude will be in my final digital mixed media project. He'll be popping out of my mouth. Aand... the rest are just doodling and ideas. Someday I might take the tree mother woman thing and actually do it... I sketched it during class tonight out of boredom.

And if anyone cares, I'm sketching out my summer.
Places I plan to go: San Diego, Quebec City, in and out of Roch and Ohio (home, cleveland, and cinci), NYC.
Places I wish I could go: Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, aand well, Paris. Hah.

Things I'm gonna do art-wise: Learn to draw hands. Learn to draw feet. Figure out what I want to draw the rest of my life. Do a couple landscapes, and other things I hate doing.
Draw a lot. Get better at digital. Maybe sketch a building or two.

And read a ton. Because that's where most of my inspiration comes from.

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