Saturday, August 29, 2009


anyone any good at digital wanna give me some tips?

I am seriously sucking at this.

Like, any help would be lovely. Quite. A smidgen, even. Por favor. S'il vous plait. Please. Bitte.

Urgh. Flug. Gluk. Moof.

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    I'm no digital painter but I've been looking into it and I've noticed a lot of people work this way.

    I think the real key is to treat it the same way you would a regular painting, starting with large brushes and working small as you go. work mostly with the round default brushes and keep a low flow. don't go too low with the opacity though cause then it starts getting muddy.
    this is mostly a do as I say and not as I do sort of thing since I've been largely unsuccessful with digital.

    hope this gives you stuff to think about.