Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bonjour mes amis

So i ventured into a little art store on Rue Soufflot today right around the corner and bought some sorta expensive ink made here in paris and a german watercolour set.
Writing with that ink is instant. Orgasm.
Like, liquid velvet.
I was jumping around the room like an electrified weasel whilst trying it out.

God, I cannot wait to get all messy with paint again.
After i write a 10 page paper. Probably about André Derain vs. impressionism.

I fell in love with some artists here. André derain is one of them, and Didier Paquingnon is another. Also, Ary Scheffer and this guy Blanche who did some beautiful studies. I now also hold a soft spot in my holey heart for Caillebotte.

I'll be home soon. I do NOT want to go back. I'm not ready yet. My plan is to take as many french classes as I can fit and come back to work here someday if it works out. Not necessarily Paris, either. Trilingual and artistic, two goals now.

Geek, out.

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